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My name is Doctor Gordon Cameron and welcome to my website.

I work in joint pain, muscle pain and sports injury based in Scotland and it's my goal in life to provide clear and easy to understand health information without all the jargon that usually comes from medical sites.

You'll find the pages of this site jam packed with helpful information about shoulder pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, neck pain, whiplash injury and other aspects of joint pain and how to treat it. Just browse around or use the search function below.

If you have pain at the moment then you really must take time to have a look at my Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide - it deals with everything from quick fix remedies - right through to natural treatment strategies for those who don't like to take painkillers or joint injections. I've also included my award winning 83 page ebook on Frozen Shoulder. You can also watch videos about frozen shoulder injection treatment and other topics on my youtube chanel. 

I've treated people with shoulder pain for many years and I know the kind of frustration it can bring only too well. I had a frozen shoulder myself about three years ago and went through months of misery ... so I really do understand the situation in a way that other doctors might not. 

Do you suffer from neck pain?

Neck and shoulder pain often go hand in hand - and it can be tricky to figure out where the pain is really coming from.

Is neck pain an issue for you? Well here's a strange question:

Why do YOU think you have neck pain right now?

Do you think it's because your spine is out of alignment (as your chiropractor would tell you)... or that you have tight muscles? Or maybe you figure it's from an injury – either previously or recently? Or maybe you believe it "runs in your family"?

Well, here's some news that might shock you a bit because ...... 

As weird as it may seem, according to new information, ALL those answers may be totally wrong...

If you're struggling with a sore neck at present then I have to say, this stuff will really intrigue you.

I'm sure you'd always thought your neck hurt because of injuries, herniated discs, strains... and things like that.

Well, guess what - you'll find out you've been wrong. There's a whole new approach to getting things fixed quickly and it's based on some very, very simple proven techniques. If you've ever suffered from chronic, makes-you-massage-your-own-neck pain like I have... you'll find it interesting as well. 

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What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is one of the commonest causes of shoulder pain.

Frozen shoulder affects women more than men and diabetics get more shoulder pain and frozen shoulder than the rest of the population.This site contains a wide ranging resource full of information relating to the treatment of shoulder pain in general and frozen shoulder in particular but I've gone way beyond that level to try to help you deal with frozen shoulder symptoms.

I've created a hugely popular Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide and you can find out more about it by following the link in the margin of the pages on the site.

The guide contains hundreds of pages with full colour illustrations - all designed to guide you through the maze of shoulder pain and how to deal with it.

You'll discover cutting edge bang up to date information about the latest treatments, including shoulder hydrodilation, the latest diagnostic techniques and about why your shoulder gets painful in the first place. You'll also get the benefit directly of my twenty years experience in helping people cope with shoulder pain so that it doesn't interfere with their daily life.

Click on the link to the right for more information. My Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide really does provide wonderful value and the feedback from thousands who've downloaded it has been amazingly positive.

Think about these questions and tick the boxes:

Do you:

Have shoulder pain that keeps you awake at night?

Find it difficult to use your arm above your head?

Find it painful to take your coat or shirt on and off?

Have pain spreading from your neck to your shoulder?

Suffer pain in or around your shoulder blade?

Experience pins and needles or numbness in your hands?

Have to stiffle a yelp of pain when your arm moves suddenly?

Need help to find the right kind of treatment for your needs?

If you've answered yes to one or two of these questions then you'll find all you need and more on this site - my ebook particularly will help deliver many of the answers you might need. 

Further sections explore the diagnosis of frozen shoulder and list the best treatments available. I've also included breaking new research about taking oral steroid treatment for the pain of frozen shoulder.

You can also find information about links to other websites that cover frozen shoulder exercises and shoulder pain topics in detail and a helpful section on therapy products that can be of use in treating shoulder pain or stiffness

Apart from frozen shoulder and shoulder pain, other joint conditions covered in detail are knee pains, arthritis and heel pain treatment or heel spur

Whiplash Injury is often also associated with pain accross the neck and shoulders. You can find out more by following the link.
New on the site is a section devoted to neck pain and neck pain treatment options.

Rotator cuff injury is another common cause of shoulder pain - US based specialist writes extensively about this on his regularly updated site.

Or why not Ask Doctor Cameron about your shoulder pain directly? Click here to discover how to seek his medical advice

I've also been following the frozen shoulder blog site of Kathy Jones. You should take a look at it if you want the view of a frozen shoulder patient.

Joint Enterprise has been designed as a unique user friendly guide to the problems associated with painful joints and muscles. The articles on this site have been written by Doctor Gordon Cameron - a doctor who is an expert in dealing with joint and muscle pain.

You'll find straigtforward answers to the most common questions that pain sufferers ask.

You can also book appointment for orthopaedic specialist consultations or for viscosupplementation treatment at The Edinburgh Clinic. 

Other useful and popular pages on the site deal with topics related to frozen shoulder and exercises for frozen shoulder pain conditions. This common condition leads to major interference with lifestyle for many thousands of people each month. Diabetes and frozen shoulder are closely linked with the condition being found much more frequently in those who have higher than normal blood sugar readings. Frozen shoulder diagnosis is not difficult and investigations are not always needed before the presence of the condition is confirmed.

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