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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleep Aid - Nightwave Cures Your Problem

I've found a great new sleep aid for shoulder pain patients. In my experience many people with shoulder pain have trouble getting off to sleep.

Part of this is due to their pain and to the difficulty in finding a comfortable spot in bed - but part of it relates to the body getting out of its normal sleeping routine. The brain loses its sleep rhythm and dropping off into sleep becomes increasingly difficult.

Well now things are a whole lot easier - and I can vouch for this myself.

The Nightwave sleep assistant provides a remarkably easy way of getting off into a deep and restful sleep. It produces pulsing waves of a restful blue light and projects the light onto the ceiling of your bedroom. The light is designed to be at the intensity and frequency of the brains natural sleep rhythm ... and boy is it effective.

Electronic Healing are offering the Nightwave sleep assistant at a special price at present - and it comes with a money back promise if you are not happy with it.

Take a look here for more information.

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