From Doctor Gordon Cameron to all shoulder pain sufferers:


"WARNING ...Frozen Shoulder can take nearly two years to recover.

How can you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

I'll show you how you can get rid of your shoulder pain quickly "


Can you stand to live this way for the next 24 months?

I know you have the strength to beat this ... I can show you how - let's get started NOW, today.

Does this describe you?


trouble dressing and undressing because of shoulder pain

tasks are painful and more difficult than they were before

low in mood and frustrated by my shoulder pain

tried lots of treatment options but just can't find relief

worried that there is something serious wrong with me

worried that I might never get rid of my pain and stiffness

sleeping poorly every night

If you've put a tick in more than one of the boxes then my Shoulder Pain Survival Kit is exactly what you need to get you quickly on the road to recovery.



Edinburgh, Scotland
Wednesday 10.45am
From the Desk of Doctor Gordon Cameron


Hi there

I'm Doctor Gordon Cameron. I've got more than twenty years experience in dealing with shoulder problems and you can tap right into all of it ... starting today ... just at the very time you need it most.

I'm famous for going that extra mile for people when they need it most. My patients love working with me and appreciate my unique approach to caring for them, and I know you'll feel the same when we've teamed up to fix your frozen shoulder.

I've written dozens of articles about shoulder pain, contributed to countless websites, given lectures all over the world and spoken at international conferences

But that's not why I'm writing this ...

I'm writing this because I've got something really unique to offer you .... something different from everything else that's out there.

Something that can ease your pain and stop you wasting your hard earned money - all the more important nowadays when things are hard financially.

I'm giving you direct access to me and all my years of experience


Has google helped you deal with your frozen shoulder pain?

Adverts for hot packs and cold packs ... herbal treatments and conventional treatments ... painkiller creams and pain relief tablets .... heat lamps and support strappings ... pillows ... special beds .... bee venom extract .... arnica or valerian ..... TENS machines and laser probes .... ultrasound machines and massage devices .... osteopaths .... chiropractors ..... physical therapists ..... and on .... and on .... and on ... the list is almost endless.

So how on earth can you figure out where to start?

How do you know what works and what doesn't?

How do you know if you're spending your money wisely or wasting it?

Well ..... that's exactly where I come in. I'll give you the detailed information you need both in writing and in person when you join me live online to discover how best to deal with shoulder pain.

When you invest in my Shoulder Pain Survival Kit I'll take you by the hand and lead you through the maze of options.

I'll make certain that you choose the right treatment options for your needs. I'll take care that you don't waste your hard earned money. I will make absolutely sure that you get better in the quickest possible time.


I'll teach you how to apply heat correctly, effectively, portably ... and cheaply. I'll show you the difference between using heat and using ice and how to choose between.

You'll hear about which creams and rubs work well to ease a painful shoulder, and which ones are worthless.

I'll advise you on whether you need painkillers or not - and how to find the most effective ones for your own particular set of symptoms.

I'll tell you if you need to see a therapist, osteopath or chiropractor - and how to avoid being ripped off by treatments you simply don't need.

I'll show you how to sleep comfortably - without waking up with pain or discomfort. Oh, and here's a clue ... it doesn't involve spending any money on new pillows or devices.

And more - I'll explain how you can function more effectively every day and with less stiffness and pain. No more yelps when dressing. No more sudden gasps of agony when driving or when brushing your hair. No more concerned glances from friends, workmates and family.

And from then on, day after day, I'll use all of my decades of experience to guide you and support you until you recover. You can interact online with me in person and get all the help you might need to recover.

I believe that's unique in this day and age and I want you to benefit ... starting today.




Old fashioned good medical care ...

My approach to getting you better is simple and it's based on a very old fashioned way of being a doctor. You see, I care about what happens to you. I believe it's important to bring you the very best in modern medicine but without losing sight of common sense and a practical every day approach to things.

An old family doctor in Scotland once gave me a very important lesson .... and it might be the most important thing I ever learned ... he said ....

"No one cares how much you know ..... until they know how much you care"

Those word have stuck with me down the years and I continue to fall back on them today.

Here's how I can help you get relief from your shoulder pain .... and it really is fantastic value for money.


My Shoulder Pain Survival Kit



What if you could sleep soundly at night again without wakening up every time you rolled onto the wrong side?

What if you could dress comfortably without yelping or contorting yourself to get your arm into your sleeve?

What if you could enjoy fun with your friends, your children ... your grandchildren again?

Well ... You Can

I'm going to give you back your normal life with my famous frozen shoulder pain survival kit - and here's what you get ... three fantastic solutions in one great package:

Here's my promise to you ... here's what I can give :


Instant improvement in your pain

Understanding of your pain and why you have it

Long term support until you recover

And, more than that ... I'll give you all your money back if you're not satisfied with my help!


My Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide
Will Reduce Your Pain
And Improve Your Function


I've been a shoulder expert for nearly twenty years and what still drives me on is the idea of going the extra mile for you at the time when you need it most.

I pride myself on giving that bit extra for all my patients - and they respond with loyalty to me and a great appreciation for the care I give them.

I combine the best of modern medicine with real old fashioned medical attention to detail and a high level of personal input. It's what I enjoy most ... and what I do best.

My shoulder pain patients love working with me because I can provide the information and support they need in a friendly and comprehensive way ... and delivered in a style that makes it really easy to digest and understand.

My Survival Guide will give you three things that can make a really huge difference:

  1. The Quick Fix Shoulder Pain Relief Kit

    An easy to follow guide with a detailed three step program containing all you need for an instant improvement in your pain levels and better function within days. Sleep better. Less Pain. Easier function day to day.

    You've read about my quick fix guide above. It's the starting point for all that I offer. It's your road map through the maze of shoulder pain products and therapists.

    Without it you'll stumble blindly from offer to offer, from rip off to rip off - wasting money and precious time on treatments that are quite simply wrong for you.

    With it you'll have all the facts you need in easy to read style. You'll know exactly when to use heat and when to use ice. You'll know what works and what doesn't - when, how often and how much. I'll make sure you become your own shoulder expert - the most discerning customer ever seen. With my help you're certain to make the right choice every time.

  2. An 83 page ebook about Frozen Shoulder and How to Survive It

    Your ultimate frozen shoulder reference book. Every fact you could ever need is here. Jam packed full of tips and tricks to make sure you recover fully ... and in the shortest time possible.

    This book is my pride and joy. Six months in the making this time around - it's the second edition of a book that I first wrote three years ago. The first edition was downloaded over four thousand times and I still get regular requests for copies.

    In here you'll find every fact imaginable about frozen shoulder and how to survive it.

  3. But there's more too ....

    All those who invest in my Shoulder Pain Survival kit today will be given a free copy of
    three acclaimed expert level reports.

If you would like to listen to me read from part of my 83 page ebook then click on the audio link below. I plan to also release the book for MP3 download shortly.





OK - So Who Am I And What's My Background?

My name is Doctor Gordon Cameron and I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've been a specialist in shoulder pain problems for twenty years and I've helped thousands of people survive their frozen shoulder - both in person and online.

Eighteen months of pain in the shoulder can seem like forever if you don't have an expert to help you through the ordeal but today, I'm at your service.

If you've browsed around my website then you already know a lot about me.

I'm a reknowned specialist in shoulder pain in general - and in frozen shoulder particularly. I've written countless articles on the subject, been asked to be a guest author on numerous websites, written books, published ebooks and contributed to online seminars.

I've taught courses on joint pain topics all over Europe and continue to mentor young doctors and physiotherapists today.

I'm a member or fellow of several learned societies and associations - including the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine and the Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine.

I'm also a Fellow of the British Orthopaedic Association.

And ... if all of that's not enough for you then the the most honest extra thing I can tell you is that I've spent years establishing myself as a talented communicator, a good doctor and an expert at providing hiqh quality and personal support when it's most needed.

I'm well known for taking complex medical issues and making them simple to understand - giving you the power to make your own expert decisions about treatment options - not leaving you to the mercy of someone who wants to rip you off.



The Best And Most Comprehensive
Information and Support
When You Need It Most



Here's what I'm giving you in my Shoulder Pain Survival Pack - I don't want the next year and a half to be a nightmare for you.

I will provide the solution you need .... today. By letting you have live access to me and all my years of experience you really are getting something unique. Where else online can you find a service like this?


  • Think of tomorrow as a day without pain
  • Think of a better sleep tonight
  • Think of a happy days of family fun and enjoyment.
  • Think of full free function at work and at play
  • Think of you being a real expert in the subject of your own shoulder pain problems




Here's what you'll be getting in my unique Shoulder Pain Survival Kit:

You'll be downloading a copy of my Quick Fix Guide to Shoulder Pain Relief

My "quick fix" guide to Shoulder Pain Relief.

All you need to ensure that your pain has improved in less than five days

Three simple steps

Instant Results


The Quick Fix guide is your starting point of the Survival Pack.

I'll take you through three easy steps and promise that you'll see an improvement in less than five days.

For many the improvement is dramatic, for some it is less so but still leaves them much more comfortable, sleeping better and better able to cope with day to day life.

I promise you'll see a difference - and if you're not happy then you can have the purchase cost refunded in full.

The Quick Fix Simple Steps focus on pain relief, better sleep and better day to day function - the three things that every one of my frozen shoulder patients tell me are the most important factors.

I can't promise to relieve all the pain in every case of course ... I hope you'd be suspicious of me if I claimed that I could. But I can help nearly everyone regain a better quality of life ... and a lot more enjoyment from day to day activity.


The second part of my Survival Guide focusses on sustaining your new knowledge.

It's hard to remember all that's been said in an online meeting so I'll make sure you receive my all new 83 page Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide - the most comprehensive guide to Frozen Shoudler that you can find anywhere online. Fully illustrated and incredibly detailed yet written in the simplest and clearest language.


83 page long fully illustrated ebook devoted to frozen shoulder pain and how to deal with it


Click here to read a Sample Chapter of The Book


The book is unbelievably comprehensive yet written in a clear and easy to read style. It contains information about:

Shoulder anatomy
Pain patterns at the shoulder
Referred pain from the neck and down the arm
Trapped nerve pains
Frozen shoulder diagnosis
Frozen shoulder scans
Frozen shoulder and diabetes
Natural treatment options
Exercises for your shoulder
Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment
Cutting edge new approaches for frozen shoulder relief

And much ... much more too


No more stumbling around in the dark wondering what kind of treatment to choose.

No more disturbed nights sleep.

No more sudden yelps of pain as you forget and take your coat off too quickly.

No more loss of confidence and avoiding playing with your children or grandchildren.

No more huge expense and wasted time or effort.


Now I think that's a great package and I'm pretty certain you'll agree.


Because if you invest in all of this today then I'll give you a great extra gift at no cost at all to you.


You can have copies of three of my most popular Expert Level Reports - value $9.99 each - for absolutely no cost to you. That's nearly thirty dollars of value completely free.


Three Incredibly Detailed Expert Reports


These expert reports are "an inch wide but a mile deep" on topics related to shoulder pain and neck pain. I've written them all personally based on research and on my years of experience. The topics covered include:

Natural Treatments For Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck Surgery And How To Cope With It




Can I make your life better
than it is right now ?


Here's a list of only part of the amazing benefits you're guaranteed to receive when you invest today in myShoulder Pain Survival Guide

  • You'll uncover simple ways to dress and undress with comfort and free movements

  • You can discover four great ways to help you sleep better and awake looking fresh and feeling great

  • I'll show you seven tips to make day to day life more fun

  • You'll encounter remedies and countless other tricks and pointers for a pain free day and a quicker road back to shining full health

  • You will discover what frozen shoulder really is, how it's diagnosed and how to choose the treatments that will work best for you.

  • You'll understand what else could be causing the problems and the kind of tests or investigations you might need

  • I'll show you how to choose the right treatment - tablets, rubs, heat, ice, acupuncture, injections, chiropractic, operations, manipulations ...... the list is long but not bewildering after you read the book

  • You'll understand the best and most modern cutting edge therapies and procedures to make sure your frozen shoulder pain gets better quicker

  • There's a whole section devoted to helping you understand the way your shoulder joint works and how the muscles attach to it. Knowledge is power where pain is concerned - pain is not nearly so frightening once you realise what's causing it

  • I'll show you how the shoulder ball and socket joint uses the joint capsule to keep itself stable and healthy - and how sticky inflammation fluid makes the capsule shrink and get oh so tight and stiff

  • You'll discover all about referred pain and why frozen shoulder pain seems to spread down your arm sometimes

  • I'll explain why people with diabetes get frozen shoulder much more often - and what that means for them and for the treatment they need

  • You'll read about the newest and most up to date treatment options - and you can figure out if they might work well for you

  • I'll show you how to find your fun again ... show you the path to health and a warm sense of happiness and relaxation


What Are Other Users Saying
About The Shoulder Pain Survival Guide ?


"...Your book was a God send to me. I felt like Dr. Cameron was the only one who understood me and my condition. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you for your commitment to researching this "bizarre" condition. "


From: Kelly Smith, NYC
To: Doctor Gordon Cameron
Subject: Thanks for all your help!

Dear Sir

I am a 41-year-old woman with left frozen shoulder. I was so enlightened and very much encouraged by Dr. Cameron's previous e-book on frozen shoulder. He was right on in everything he wrote, especially his explanation of referred pain, which no other practitioner seemed to understand. I felt like I was okay and it was "normal". I also very much appreciated his advice on coping with FS

-- Kelly Smith, NYC, USA


"...i used this survival guide and my pain eased almost instantly - the tips were so simple but so effective. i couldn't get over it at first but when i started to sleep better that was the best thing for me."


Hi Doctor Cameron

Some feedback on your book.
I read it and at first I felt very negative about the whole thing . It seemed like it was going to take forever and that only time would heal me (and I was in the beginning of it all).

But then I worked thought the instant relief starter pack and read the book till I got to your section on alternative healing and I saw the acupuncture treatment advice.

Bob Jones - Swansea. Wales


"...I followed all your advice carefully cos I was unsure about what to expect from acupuncture. And to make a long story short after my second acupuncture treatment I had no more pain what so ever. The shoulder is still very stiff and still feeling dead but other than that I'm fine.


From: Elaine Willians
To: Doc Cameron
Subject: about your book and survival guide

Thank you for your e-book on Frozen Shoulder. There is nothing out there that explains the shoulder like your E-BOOK-The Problems - The care and treatment. The illustrations on the shoulder problems are in such detail that any one could understand .For the professional it the ultimate reference . Thank you for taking the the time to put the e- book together.
It is a blessing and you are a Blessing.

Elaine W.


"... I simply cant believe how much better I feel. I play with my grandchildren every day now doctor and i've been afraid to do that for months."


OK - I'm convinced ... What Do I Do Now ?


So - let's recap what you're getting here. I'm giving you:

Unique online access to me and all my years of experience
You'll be joining me live in a webinar session where you can talk to me directly about your problems - I'm not aware of any other doctor or expert offering this kind of open and helpful access

Painless function

A promise of less pain and easier function in less than five days with my famous Quick Fix Frozen Shoudler Pain guide

Detailed expert knowledge
My eighty three page frozen shoulder ebook with lavish colour illustrations

Great Value Bonuses For Free
Three expert reports about neck pain and shoulder pain and natural treatment methods



And you can have all of this today ....

***** for only $9.99 *****

.... and that really is superb value for the depth and amount of support provided


Now ... I could do like other websites do and pretend that this is a limited time offer.
It isn't.

I could say that it used to be priced higher and that I've reduced it just for you.
It wasn't.

Let me simply emphasise again - I'm a doctor, not a salesman, and I want to give you the best of my care at a price that's more than reasonable.

I'd like you to just stop and compare for a moment with the price of other options for shoulder pain treatment.

An assessment visit to your chiropractor and then a course of six treatments will cost around five hundred dollars.

An MRI scan on your shoulder will cost about nine hundred dollars.

A consultation with an expert like me in person will cost about two hundred and fifty dollars.



AND ...

Let me say the most important bit again now ... so that it's crystal clear

I'm offering you the chance to find relief from your shoulder pain - starting today - in three simple steps - in less than five days .... and with absolutely


If you don't like what I provide and don't feel you've received a great value excellent package then I'll give you


I want to make sure you don't feel you are taking a risk with this. I'm really proud of what I've done here and I want you to have the chance to benefit.

If you aren't happy for any reason whatsoever, or if you simply change your mind... then I will give you your money back. All of it. Immediately. No resistance. I won't even ask you for an explanation ... and that's a promise.

I don't expect you to have any problems with it but if you do please contact me and I'll sort it out for you. If you're not happy then I promise to give you a full refund immediately.

When you purchase my Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide you get a full 45-Day " Test Drive " period to try it out risk free. If at anytime during those 45 days you want to change your mind then simply do so and get all your money back.


Here's why you might not want my help :

OK - let me be up front here. I know you'll have questions about this. A month or so ago I sent out some short survey questions to those who had emailed me for shoulder pain advice.

Here are the main reasons they said they were hesitant about going ahead.

The price
Some thought the price was too high - but at $9.99 I've cut it back to the bare minimum for you.

I know how hard things are in the current financial climate and I want to make sure you can afford what I have on offer.

Numerous other doctors have said I'm crazy to be selling it so cheaply - but my whole ethos is about service and helping people. Each webinar and ebook collection costs me about twenty five dollars to produce so at $9.99 you're effectively buying me a coffee for all the support I'm providing. I can't make it fairer than that.

Remember - a short consultation face to face with a shoulder expert like me would cost you at least $300 - and that's a massive THIRTY TIMES the cost of my kit.

Six sessions with a chiropractor and an initial visit will cost you forty times what I'm asking.

An MRI scan that you might not need is about fifty times the cost of my offer to you .....

Should I go on?

Others are put off because they think the price is so low that there just can't be any quality there.

Well believe me when I say that's certainly not the case. I've put hundreds of hours work into delivering something very special.

Give a try today and I'm sure you'll agree. In fact ... if you don't agree ... I'll give you all your money back without question.


It's only information ....

Several people said to me ... "hey - this is a book .... a seminar ... I need pain relief, not information from you ... "

But actually, my Shoulder Pain Survival Kit is way more than just information. It's the distillation of twenty years experience in dealing with people in pain. You'll find bucket loads of tips on how to get rid of your pain - each tip in itself worth more than any gadget you could buy online.

The time you spend online with me is invaluable. You're getting cutting edge information live from an expert ... and you get to ask questions if you don't understand things.

You're also getting my advice on the good and bad points of all the other available shoulder relief products.

Your ten dollar investment could save you wasting hundreds of dollars on stuff that won't work for your needs.


And don't forget - you can have all your money back straight away if you're not satisfied with what you receive.


OK - convinced now I hope ....



Order It Now !

Healthy refreshing sleep .... happy normal function ..... family fun and freedom

Here's what to do next ...



Click the button below now

You'll have instant access to all the information you need

My quick fix guide to shoulder pain
My acclaimed 83 page ebook about frozen shoulder
An expert report on natural ways to treat shoulder pain
Two expert reports on neck and shoulder pain

Buy all that now for a once only payment of $9.97





Don't have a credit card? You can contact me here if you would like to pay by cheque or some other method

The materials can also be provided to you on paper if you would rather receive them by post in a traditional format rather than as an ebook (an extra charge for postage may be needed if you choose this option)

If you have problems trying to purchase or download the items then please get in touch here



And Remember My Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you receive I'll refund
your entire payment

No questions Asked






Doctor Gordon Cameron

Going The Extra Mile For You When You Need It Most


You can also buy the components of the kit individually

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